Lighting for pedestrians

8-9 September 2020: The University of Sheffield, UK

The aim of this meeting was to reach a consensus on the recommended design criteria when lighting for pedestrians in residential roads.

The key questions included:

  • What should be the basis of design recommendations?

  • Which metrics should be used in these recommendations?

  • How many classes of lighting are required and how should they be discriminated?

  • Do we have sufficient credible data?

To promote constructive discussion, attendees were carefully invited so that we could address a range of issues:

  • Laboratory and field studies of pedestrian visual tasks: John Bullough, Maria Johansson

  • Measuring reassurance: Antal Haans

  • Being seen by drivers: Ron Gibbons

  • Pedestrian conspicuity to drivers: Joanne Wood

  • Pedestrian flows and RTCs: Jim Uttley

  • Application / design criteria authorship: Naomi Miller, Wout van Bommel

  • Light pollution: Annika Jägerbrand

  • Broader issues of road lighting: Stephan Voelker


Day one: We presented recent work on lighting for pedestrians – experimental results; strategies; evidence for national standards.

Day two: Discussion: can we define optimal lighting criteria based on current state of knowledge?

This was followed by a day for presentations by PhD students, supported by CIE-UK. PhD students investigating any issue associated with lighting were invited – colour, vision, glare, daylight.


Professor Steve Fotios

School of Architecture, the University of Sheffield, UK.